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Inkubator Residency: Vol. 2 Body Occupation. Exhibition.

October 3rd to October 18th, 2020


Abby Wright, Joannie Baumgartner, Katharina Bévand, Stephan Gross, Edurne Herrán, Branislav Jankic, Tra My Nguyen, Marina Paez, Maria Thrän & Anna Reutinger and Shannon Turner & Stefano Tauiti,

Curator: Brunno Silva

Hosted by The Inkubator Collective: 

The Inkubator Residency has the pleasure to announce with its twelve participant artists the exhibition that brings the second edition of this residency to a close. Starting from the theme of “Body Occupation” the residency – conceived by Inkubator Collective – selected this group of artists to engage, discuss and collaborate considering broad ideas of the Body and its reverberations across use, time and form. The residency also aimed to create a free space for deep engagement and as a “DIY” residency it was developed deeply with intensive collaboration among its participants.

During its two months duration, participant artists developed further their initial proposals or developed new projects, this freedom aimed to catalyse new thought instigated due to the imminent changes and ongoing instability of the world. To some extent, this lack of formal structure also reflects on the structure of the residency itself, that although relied on art world constructions to some extent, largely searched for unforeseen forms of collaboration, art making and research development.

The exhibition does not provide a framework or overall theme, it also presents among its pieces non-concluded artworks, research material and under development happenings. Such inconclusiveness at times is not to be mistaken with irrelevance, the residency prefers to embrace a fluidity and instigate artists to overlook the common motivations around artistic residencies present in, for example, the expectation of a final art piece and a clear full stop, or a conclusion to a research. Here artists were rather open to also share with the audience artworks in different stages of development. The residency recognizes its transient aspect to the artists and audiences alike.

The theme of the Body manifests itself freely considering its openness as a theme and way of thinking through occupying and inhabiting material and immaterial spaces and concepts. All the involved creatives hope that audiences can take an active role in observing, discussing and engaging with the artworks presented in the exhibition. Becoming perhaps also an agent in the building and developing of the concepts explored during this collective endeavour and becoming involved in its conceptual build from now to beyond, through this the occupational aspect is expanded also to visitors.

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Edouard Steinhauer

For 2020, Edouard Steinhauer will be an Artist in Resident in Public Art at (Kunstraum) Dada Post – Berlin.

Edouard Steinhauer is an interdisciplinary artist who works in sculpture, installation, drawing, and photography. His artwork explores themes of history, black identity, the environment, and spirituality. Steinhauer takes a skilled and crafted approach to the process of making objects, using the material to evoke a specific theme, and or to explore aspects of the human condition. His artwork is formal by nature. However his use of the form is employed primarily as a context or housing, for an underlining hidden meaning – in the same way one’s body is a container for the soul.

Edouard Steinhauer is a United States artist born in 1968 in the Republic of Haiti.

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DADA POST Presents:
Current: On Going Project

Udo Wid: The Perun Project

Curated by Marcel Hager

Udo Wid has a background in Biophysics.

Wid’s projects are simultaneously Biophysics and Visual Art practice. His numerous projects are aimed at a synergy of disciplines: a confluence of Science, Art, Philosophy and Everyday Life.

He studied physics and worked for eight years in the field of Biophysics at Reactor Research Centre Seibersdorf, and was a guest at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. He employs among other things Cultural Theory, Aesthetics, and Philosophy. His scientific specialty is Extreme Low Frequencies.

While exploring the intersections of art and science, The Perun Project collects data from trees, as they themselves interact, through their internal systems, with the environment to detect environmental conditions, such as the amount of sunlight, the various weather conditions, and the presence of toxic contamination, all of which have a direct impact on the life of the tree. By transposing the resulting scientific measurements into graphical notations, he thus transforms scientific research into artistic artifacts.

Udo Wid’s ambition is to make art and life become one. By living in his installation for extended lengths of time, during the exhibition, he will be available to visitors for conversation.